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We travelled from Sept.24.2010 and returned home Oct.25.2010.  I am not a good traveller.  Here is my list of things that bother me when travelling:

  • airports
  • taxis
  • getting money
  • gypsies and touts
  • things cost more than you expect
  • hotel is pricier or not as good as you might expect from the price or pictures on the internet
  • you don’t really know the best area to stay in until after you get there
  • herded like cattle (airports, airlines)
  • language can be an issue
  • travelling illnesses
  • transferring from the airport to your destination and vice versa
  • weather may be poor, disrupt all plans
  • driving in a foreign country is too stressful
  • crowds may be bothersome
  • public washrooms
  • shopping
  • service people on the internet or their cell phones instead of attending to customers
  • traveller anxiety
  • the sense of obligation “to do something” once you get there
  • water, drinking, always being concerned
  • seat assignments and mis-assignments in airplanes
  • travel nightmares – delays, missed flights, waiting for buses that are late

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