Oct.23.2010, Athens

a Christmas store in Athens

0830 blue sky, few white clouds, no wind, 21 C.  Wow! your basic 10 hr. sleep.  Down for breakfast.  After, checked internet and got a note from Chrystal that she’s home, cleaned up.  Also a note from Frank and Anne sent when the girls had called them saying they were on the ferry.  It sounds like all is well.  No note yet from Richard and Kathy.  Then watching Greek rappers on a TV music channel – a bit unusual.

1100  Headed out for shopping.  Over to Monastiraki, up to Roman Agora, a little lost further up the hill towards the Acropolis, then back down the hill into Plaka again.  Stopped for beer, wine, soup and dolmates.  Continued to Syntagma where I bought 2 tickets for Monday morning bus.  Back to our hotel.  Post office was closed but we found a Christmas shop just opened in Monastiraki!  1530  Hotel Plaka.  It appears that I may have thrown away the wrong internet voucher this morning, so no computer access.  But there is an internet shop only 1 block away.  The account time tracker on the internet computer in the hotel is wacky – my time expired way too soon yesterday and I was careful to fully log out to prevent that from happening.  Journalling until 1600.

1630  Back to the streets of Plaka.  Stopped at the internet cafe and sent an enquiry to SeaAir Nanaimo about a float plane flight home from Vancouver airport.  The we headed back to a coffee and milkshake shop we had seen earlier on the far side of Plaka. Nice stop, the young man out front welcomed us back and we had a good discussion with him.  He loves Bar Port Maine, he worked in a restaurant and delivered pizza there as a student.

Then along Adrianou or another nearby street and stopped in a shop selling paintings.  The 79 year old man inside said he was a former English professor in Albania and then a diplomat – charge d’affaires stationed in Africa and perhaps in Singapore.  No teeth, so I guess the Albanian government doesn’t have a good retiree dental plan.  He said he was a communist at that time – they had to be.  An Asian fellow came in and started negotiating a 100E painting so we stood aside and did not buy our 10E souvenir.  On the way back on Ermou street, Debbie got Emily and Jadon’s necklaces in Greek done with stainless steel wire.  Quite attractive.  Over by the byzantine church Debbie finally spotted some Greek Orthodox nuns – first we have seen on this trip.  Returned to hotel 1830.

1848 dusk, clear, 18C.  I mooned the Acropolis from our room.  1910  Out for supper.  We ended up near the Old Metropolis cathedral in Metropoleus square and shared an appetizer plate for 2 but couldn’t finish it all!  2030 Returned to the hotel then up to the rooftop at 2045.  Cold at 16C tonight!  But had a beautiful view, red wine and Baileys for Debbie.  2115 down to the room for journalling and bed at 2200.

Thought: There’s a world of people who travel.  So we go to Athens and meet a woman from Seattle on the seat in front of us on the tourist train.  Or at breakfast we meet someone from Mexico/San Diego which we have been to, who in their turn had previously been to Vancouver.  Can you hear “It’s a small world” playing in the background?

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