Oct.18.2010, Peloponnese

Big joke on us!  We saw direction signs to Athina last night when we had to turn off the new highway in the construction zone, but Rick and I didn’t recognize it – in the dark and the rain, we said to ourselves Athina, where the hell is that ? We thought it was a little town that we couldn’t find on the map in the dark and so we turned the other direction following the road sign to Tripoli.  It was the sign for ATHENS, hah!  Lol!  It probably would have put us back onto the new highway going north.  It turns out that the girls knew it meant Athens, but they thought we had the route all figured out so they didn’t mention it.

0830 light rain, muggy indoors.  Slept in this morning.  Journalled until 0930 in the TV room downstairs, writing down yesterday’s adventure.  Back to the room to see if everyone else is shuffling around by now.  1130 Breakfast, shower etc. is over, back down to TV room again.  No news channels except Greek and they have a different format – almost all talk TV, short video clips just playing over and over while commentators continue to talk to each other.  1230  Euronews finally came in – English, but it’s all bad news, not very encouraging.  No internet connection here, have to borrow Richard’s blackberry or go into Nafplio to an internet cafe to check on Chrystal and Lindsay.

1330 Headed into Deprano, Richard driving.  We missed the town centre on the first try, it’s so small that we didn’t think we were there yet and drove right through.  Parked the car, went looking for a restaurant but mostly found bars.  Sat down for 2 pizzas, 2 cokes and I had a Greek coffee.  Slightly less rain for a couple of hours.  Today was Richard’s “bird dog” day.  While driving, he missed the dog running down the middle of the road but got the bird that waited too long to fly away.  After some great pizza we went to a market for supplies – we’re cooking spaghetti in the hotel room tonight.  Also stopped at a bakery for dinner bread and sweets for dessert.  Rain picked up some more so we headed back to Irae Beach resort.  It’s just about deserted today – rumoured to be 35 or 40 people here this morning but we only saw another 3.  Maybe some buses arriving tonight.  Journaling complete at the poolside bar.  It must be late in the season – not even any staff around to serve in the bar.  Finally Mary from the front desk found us and some beer. The famous leaning glass of Irae is a beer glass sitting on a bit of ice.  1630

1810  The spaghetti sauce is simmering.  I am on the balcony watching the rain, watching the sun almost break through the clouds.  Has it given up now?  Listening to the chorus of birds and enjoying Greece.  Drinking some cheap local wine that is also good enough for cooking.  This is good. 1900  It’s dark out and the rain has stopped.  Spaghetti, meat balls, dolmades, French bread, red and white wine, flashlight for a candle, 2 types of dessert – it was all kind of special.  After supper and clean up we all went downstairs.  Debbie caught up writing in her journal while the rest of us played gin.  The busloads arrived – seemed to be mostly late teens/young twenties Italians.  Who knew how loud young Italian girls could be just by talking!  Many came into the TV room to watch a movie.  Richard sat behind the counter at the reception desk until a guy came up to ask a question, then he fetched Mary who was also watching the movie.  Upstairs at 1000, quick clean up and into bed.  Good night at 1014.

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