Oct.11.2010, Rethymno, Crete, Happy Thanksgiving!

Venetian harbour in Rethymno

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada, a holiday.  Here it is sunny, mostly blue sky and 22 C.  1030 mailed postcards to Mom and brother Ron .72E stamps.  Typical morning breakfast.  No internet news from the girls – sent them a message.  Heading to the beach.  Sitting in front of the Leoniki Resort while Richard buys postcards.

When travelling, some of the views are too big for a camera picture.  The picture is just a glimpse of what we saw.

1100 Swimming in the Mediterranean.  Cool for 30 sec. then just fantastic.  Very salty.  Can open eyes without any problem but inshore visibility is limited to about 5 ft. because of wave action and sand in the water.  Can see the beach all the way to the Venetian harbour in downtown Rethymno.  Thanksgiving on the beach in Crete – how about that!

1230  At the pool in the resort with Richard.  Kathy is having a shower.  Debbie has wandered off looking for a Strongbow cider at the Axos Bar.  High cirrus clouds.  The pool at the resort is colder than the ocean!  Pool is 20 C so ocean must be….?

1400 Went downtown Rethymno.  Walked along the waterfront to the Venetian harbour, then into Old Town.  Visited numerous shops.  Debbie bought pottery dish and bracelet.  Walked around until 1700 then back to Venetian harbour to find a restaurant for supper.  By this time I was really tired and had no energy.  The restaurant touts were fairly aggressive.  At first we let Kathy and Debbie deal with them, negotiating specials – “It’s all special!”.  Finally, Debbie started to feel oppressed as well so she dropped out of the bargaining.  We ended up in the corner restaurant where the harbour bends.  We were sitting right beside the water.  Just a bit windy and just a little cool – just as well, I picked up a sunburn on my face and chest today, so cool helped.  I had stuffed vine leaves and octopus grilled for supper, with a bottle of beer.  Great octopus!  Even Debbie tried a little bite.  Anthony Quinn ate at this restaurant in 1997 – we saw the pictures.

I’m writing this at the Axos Bar at 2015.  Richard is trying to connect but his Blackberry isn’t hooking up to the local Wifi net.  It works in the Leoniki lobby when we return to the hotel.  2200 – bed.

Impressions: nice beach, so glad to see the sun, water refreshing; old town shopping – end of season, getting quiet, shops starting to sell out and close up, fewer people in the streets, very few in the afternoon – more seemed to show up in the early evening.

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