Oct.09.2010, Rethymno, Crete

famous miniature bathroom

0800  cloudy, light showers.  Up, shower in the amazingly small bathroom, brought in the laundry from outside, breakfast is scrambled eggs, cereal, toast, plum, dried date, coffee.  Internet connection is down in the lobby, can’t check on Chrystal and Lindsay this a.m.  Kathy is much better today, she says 8 out of 10 but she is still coughing quite a bit.

1030  Richard driving and I navigate.  First we went to Arkadi Monastery – an amazing feat as I am now having trouble finding it on a map, our Avis map is still missing.  Toured the monastery then stopped on site for a snack of yogurt and thyme honey.  Debbie didn’t care for it.  Then we went off down the east side of Amari valley – very narrow winding road through narrower villages, with lots of blind corners some with mirrors mounted so you can look around the corner to see oncoming traffic, unless the mirror has been spray painted out.  It was going so well that we continued down to Agia Galini on the south coast.  There was a rock in the right rear wheel for a while.  It sounded like something was coming apart back there and we were 30 or more miles away from any place that might have a garage or mechanic.  We stopped and I looked at rear brakes and undercarriage but there was nothing obvious coming apart, so just had to keep going.  We only knew it was a rock and not the car falling apart when it finally stopped.

We stopped for lunch at Madame Hortense restaurant, named after the woman that was Zorba the Greek’s girl friend.  Salad for lunch.  Debbie had mushroom soup.  After lunch, Deb and I climbed up the hill to a set of statues of Icarus and Daedelus that look out over the harbour.  Then back down, the others walked the breakwater top while I walked the wharf down below, looking at fish boats and fishermen and a Crete Coast Guard cutter.

Then I took over the driving and picking up a main highway we headed back towards Rethymno.  We stopped for 1/2 hr. at Spili to look at the lion head fountains and to do some shopping.  Easy drive back to Rethymno by 1840.  sun, some cloud, patches of blue sky, 25 C.  Lol, by the end of the trip Richard would be convinced that he got most of the bad roads and that when I was driving I got all of the easy ones – that was mostly true, but only by luck, I didn’t plan it, it only seemed that way, honest!

2000  Checked internet, Chrystal and Lindsay have taken the ferry to Santorini tonight.  They’re both healthy again and doing well.  Then down the block to a new restaurant.  Debbie had a milkshake – stomach upset, couldn’t eat anything.  I had rabbit stew in wine sauce, quite good tasting.  2200 back to hotel and watching Pirates of the Carribean tonight, Black Pearl, 1st show in the series.

Today started with showers but improved by the time we reached the monastery so we continued our travels all the way to the south coast.  Monks still live at the monastery although we didn’t see any of them.  There was very little traffic overall on the trip south although the roads were hell, and quite reasonable traffic on our return on a highway.  We saw lots of olive trees with nets spread out below them to catch them as the olives ripen and fall off.  Galini has great views, weather, smells.  Just plain marvellous all day.

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