Oct.08.2010, Rethymno, Crete

walking to the Chania beat

Cloudy, windy, blue sky patches, 22 C.  Up at 0800 this morning.  Breakfast in the suite.  Then Richard and Kathy and I went to the Turkish steam bath on site.  Ahh!  Hot steam – I couldn’t breathe.  I don’t know how long I was in there and I had to keep moving further away from the heat source while R&K managed to move closer.  Soon, I couldn’t even see them in the mist.  Just disembodied voices.  1/2 hr? maybe.  Not sure if I was sweating or if the steam was condensing on me, but I was slick.  More blue sky when we came outside again.

1050 at reception, waiting for 1 of the internet computers to free up so I can message Chrystal and Lindsay.  1100 checked Facebook & hotmail and the girls have improved health wise.  Now they are checking on islands to visit.

1130 We all took Kathy to a clinic.  Doctor said she had some infection started in her lungs, gave her some antibiotic and syrup prescriptions.  Filled the prescriptions across the street.  Back to hotel to take medication and didn’t find the missing Avis map of the island.

1200 left for Chania aka Hania, Khania, Xavia, about 70 km west of Rethymno.  I drove there, Richard navigated.  Downtown, I backed up in a turning lane as the road ahead just looked too crowded – not that the one behind us was much better.  Then parked along a major road but couldn’t tell if there were parking restrictions based on the signage.  The shop keeper told us that there was no parking, but as there was a street full of parked cars in front of us I suspect he just didn’t want his storefront occupied.  We moved on and found an underground parking garage below a super market, with really tight down ramp corners.  Looked like we were going to hit the car corners even with the mirrors folded in.

Found our way into the old city AKA tourist zone and then walked downhill to the plaza and sea wall on the harbour.  Picked an ocean side restaurant and had lunch, calamari today which was a bit oily and salty.

Walked out towards the lighthouse and harbour entrance, then out and around the seawall beyond remnants of a fortress.  Back into the back streets of the old city quarter.  Very scenic – more places to eat and drink than you could shake a stick at.

Then Richard drove and I navigated.  All went well back to Rethymno – just had to find a turn off near our piece of the beach.  That proved to be a bit difficult and we finally took one, then drove around with no help from the map, until we found a tunnel road going under the main highway.

2030  Went to Axos Bar, girls had decaf cappucinos and R. and I had beer.  We all shared a house special pizza.  Then back to the hotel to watch a DVD – Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider.  Movie over at midnight – then all to bed.

Greek priests carrying cell phones or Ipods – looks a bit odd.

Travelling is when you find out how important it is to maintain your digestive system somewhere between constipation and diarrhea.

Jim almost high centred the car today turning into a ramp leading to an underground parking lot, in Rethymno.  He just wanted to turn around as he was going the wrong way down a lane.  Debbie says she saw Zeus driving a truck, and he waved at her.

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