Oct.06.2010, Rethymno, Crete

Rethymno beach

Blue sky, about 20 C.  Not many impressions from last night because it was so dark while we were driving.  A dry, rocky landscape.  The road mostly followed the coast, very winding, occasionally cutting inland to go around a valley.  The map shows scattered towns along the coast but most of these were out of sight.  Several times we saw a road sign to a town which helped us keep track of our location and progress on the map.

We are staying in a 2 story apartment, light cream coloured concrete walls outside, overlooking a long blue pool.  Deb and I are on the lower entrance floor.  Twin beds, good size LCD TV, kitchenette, ridiculously small bathroom including shower – it’s so small there’s no door or curtain on the shower, balcony with table both downstairs and upstairs.  Upstairs has bigger bed and bigger washroom but no TV.

Hey – funniest thing!  Not supposed to put toilet paper in the toilet – it’s all supposed to go into a small wastebasket in the washroom under the sink.  Hah!

1100 blue sky, clouds way off in the distance.  Debbie and I walked down to the beach to look around.  It’s a lot of gravel and pebbles along here, a bit hard on bare feet.  Palm trees, pink bougainvillea.  1300 by the pool with Kathy, Debbie and a beer.  Who knows where Richard is, seeking an English language newspaper.  Kathy is feeling a bit better after the sauna this morning (on-site Turkish steam bath).  Life is good.  Poolside – notice the fat people, this could be a resort or all inclusive resort anywhere.

1430 went out for milkshakes – also had a pizza for lunch at AXOS bar, very laid back.  Afternoon – read and slept by the pool while Richard and Kathy went for a walk.  Slight sunburn as a result.

1700 went breakfast shopping with Richard and Debbie at a corner market.  Kathy is lying down again.  Then Deb and I had some wine on the balcony.

1930  We all went down the streat to a restaurant spotted by Richard & Kathy earlier.  A great dinner!  I had mousaka.  Deb had spinach pie and tomato soup.  See – she does eat something other than spaghetti!  A good day for all of us to recover from yesterday’s long travel day and tough evening drive.

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