Oct.02.2010, Istanbul

Supper at the Doy Doy

Slightly overcast, 18 C.  Slept in until 0800.  Up to the patio for breakfast by 0830. Debbie was also up and came up for breakfast at the same time.  She says her and the girls were up on the patio until 2330 last night.  Chrystal arrives at 0900 and tells us Lindsay is feeling sick to her stomach, was up coughing a lot during the night.

1000  Sitting outside on the patio.  Ahead of me, the Blue Mosque left of centre and the pillar marking the chariot turn on the Hippodrome is right of centre.  I can see the Asia shoreline.  In the distance behind the Hippodrome turn pillar is the Princes’ Islands.  There is a broad view of the Sea of Marmara with scattered ships.  Commercial freighter traffic going by is frequent and cruise ships are also occasionally seen entering or exiting the south entrance of the Bosphorus.  Today the air is calm, the sea is lightly rippled and reflecting the sun like stars.  The girls are downstairs, Lindsay’s condition is unknown.

1100  went downstairs and found Richard and Kathy waiting to check in. Their room was being made up.  10 minutes later they moved in and we had a look at it – very picturesque, a corner room on the front side of the building which may become noisy when the traffic returns on Monday. (Unfortunately, the hotel staff asked Richard & Kathy to move to another room the next day – not sure if it was a mix up or preferential treatment for some newly arriving guests, anyways, a poor show on the hotel’s part and no price break for the lesser room).  Noticeably less traffic in front of the Turkoman Hotel today, because it is a Saturday?  There doesn’t seem to be any less elsewhere in town.

Lindsay was up and her and Chrystal saw R&K’s room as well.  Then we went downstairs to the lobby to wait.  Lindsay started to feel worse.  I went around the corner and got her water, 2 puddings and a yogurt drink.  Lindsay decided to stay in the room today so the rest of us headed out to the archeological museum.

Archeological museum, 10 YTL each.  The left side of the main museum is filled with sarcophagi including one that was once wrongly believed to be that of Alexander the Great.  But what would his body be doing in Sidon Phoenecia if he died in India and then was presumably buried in Alexandria Egypt?  Look this up in Wikipedia when I get home. Then up to 2nd floor for a short historical movie about Troy.  Most of the items on display from Troy is pottery.  A quick walk through the remainder of the 2nd floor, then up to the 3rd floor for more pottery and small metal pieces.  No shields or weapons on display – where are they all?  Or were they all melted down and recycled for other things?

It was about 1430 by then and Chrystal was very hungry so we had sandwiches in the museum coffee shop.  We were only about 1/2 way through the main building but decided we wanted to see the other 2 museums on the grounds before closing.  First was the Museum of the Ancient Orient which has Egyptian and Mesopotamian (Iraq) artifacts, also portions of the giant wall tiles from Babylonia from the time of Nebuchadnezzar, and pieces of the Ishtar Gate.

Finally the Museum of Turkish Ceramics in the Crystal Pavilion.  However, we were not impressed – getting museumed out by this time.

Left a little after 1600 and headed back.  Had to backtrack near Sultanahmet tram station to find a pharmacie.  Picked up some more pills for Lindsay, then returned to Turkoman Hotel.  Lindsay is still in bed.  She woke up but would not let me take her picture.  Then up to the terrace for late afternoon tea.  Lindsay joined us up there.  Lindsay doesn’t like museums so she didn’t miss anything of interest to her today.

1830   18 C.  All headed out for supper to the Doy Doy restaurant recommended by Rick Steves, across the Hippodrome and down the hill from the Turkoman Hotel.  Reasonably priced food – ate on the main floor because too cool on rooftop patio.  Lots of action – cooking going on all around us.  Back to hotel by 2030 then quick shower and up to the rooftop terrace for evening wine and beer and conversation.  Bed at 2200.

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  1. Thank you, very nice..

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