Oct.01.2010, Istanbul

Grand Bazaar

Overcast, cool, 19 C.  0800 wash up and upstairs for breakfast.  Breakfast: orange juice, oat flake cereal + “lut” (milk), yogurt with dates and peanuts, toast with grape spread, scrambled eggs, rolled pastries, flat potato things, watermelon, cheese, olives, coffee.

Girls arrive at 0915.  1030 depart for Hagia Sophia – did not get a tour guide so did not have a lot of info about what is going on but some info on signs and guessed about the rest.  Returned to the hotel at 1330 for WC visit, Debbie rounded up more towels, clean cups for our room etc.

1400 depart for the Grand Bazaar.  Walked up street past Oktaklar Restaurant (Chrystal’s new boyfriend).  Light lunch, pizza in a street side restaurant in a man’s mall (no women’s clothes to speak of in the mall).  The girls were a big hit with the waiters again.  Then on to the Grand Bazaar.  Today I was able to keep track of our location on a map in the bigger guide book so I was much happier, more relaxed.  Also, it wasn’t as hot as the other day ~22 C now, and we had more energy as we had eaten lunch.  We stayed there until after 1700 and then headed back to the Hotel Turkoman by 1800.  Along the way the girls were trying to buy humus for their pita bread from last night’s supper, but no luck.

1815 up to the patio for pre dinner drinks.  A great time on the patio – met Claudie from Paris and her friend from Florida.  Practiced my french and it seemed to work OK.  Girls were drinking Strongbow cider then their store bought wine – very convivial.

2000 time to go find a place for supper.  Walked part way back with Richard and Kathy, found a restaurant and went up to the 2nd floor overlooking the street.  Light dinner – 40 YTL for all of us.  Lindsay ate 1/2 of a very hot pepper – made her cry and her face turned bright red.  She convinced the waiter to eat the other half of the pepper and he also broke into a sweat.  He said it is considered lucky to find/eat a hot pepper.  This one was just a bit too lucky.  Back to the hotel by 2200.  Deb & the girls went up to the patio with the wine.  I took a shower and turned in by 2230.

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