Sept.27.2010, Athens

Evening in Plaka

Sun, some clouds. Debbie is feeling better this morning although now she has a sore throat. The battery charger seems to have worked overnight so it has survived for the present, otherwise it was just excess baggage on its way out.

Great breakfast, then geared up and left hotel 1100. First, walk to Syntagma metro station to see how long it takes (5 min. from Amalia Hotel). Then to 24 Amalia Ave. Greek Tourist office and picked up maps, brochures for the girls. Then back to Syntagma and found the “Athens Happy Train” at 1200.

1300. Train tour complete but we stay on to return to Hadrian’s Library. Walked along Adrianou towards Thissio, lots of good looking restaurants – some open at 0900 so might be breakfast candidates when we return to Attalos Hotel from Oct. 13 to 15, near Monastiraki. Back east along Ermou – lots of 2nd hand stores including sidewalks. Debbie stubbed her toe. We cut back into the flea market then headed to the Clock of the Winds. Wandered around Plaka. Back to Amalia Hotel at 1500, glasses of wine in the lobby, very civilized.

1800. Out for dinner. Found the Taberna Xani in Plaka that looked good earlier in the day. I had pork gyro and Debbie had roast chicken with potatoes and rice. An enquiry about vegetables for Debbie only drew a blank stare. Also, 1/2 L of home made white wine for 5E – maybe the price was a clue to the quality! Well, worst meal so far. My gyro was burnt and dry, flat not rolled and not enough tsatziki. Debbie’s chicken was more moist but it was dark leg meat which she doesn’t like. No music as promised by the fellow on the street earlier in the day. Later after supper, a nice night time walk through Plaka. Lots of people out, warm and comfortable. Saw the Student and Travellers’ Inn and stopped to get information for the girls. Sounds good. Returned to Amalia Hotel at 2000. Shower, then downstairs to the computer to send a Facebook note to Chrystal about Student Travellers. Then in bed by 2100 and asleep shortly after.

Lots and lots of graffiti all over everything in downtown Athens except fenced off monuments. Everywhere to excess.

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