Sept.25.2010, Athens

Strolliing in Plaka

We arrived at 1330 Athens time which was 0330 our time.  Immigration was the easiest I’ve ever seen – show the passports and walk through – and no customs/baggage checks or declarations to fill out.  Then we found the metro station – a ticket for 2 persons is 10E.  10 min. wait at the station, then 45 min. to Syntagma station in city centre.  Signs and announcements are in phonetic English.

Oh yah – weather!  It was pouring down rain, cloudy and dull when we landed.  By the time we got downtown the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to poke out from behind the clouds.

It took a minute to get oriented coming out of the station into Syntagma square.  Then we walked around a block looking for our Amalia Hotel.  It turns out it is right on Amalia Ave. and was very close to where we started our walk to go looking for it.

5th floor, room is clean and the bathroom is sparkling.  We have a sideways view of the Acropolis but the straight on view is an ugly wall of the next building.  I am looking at the Acropolis as I write this.  Debbie is disappointed in the room – 2 single beds and she finds that the room lacks character.  She is also out of sorts from the trip and has decided to take a nap to catch up on lost sleep.  I’m still OK as I write this.  Debbie is drinking bottled water from the plane but I have switched to tap water, we’ll see what happens.  Oh well, I packed the Immodium.  24C, 1500 hrs.

1600  hmm, water started dripping out of the ceiling near the air conditioning unit.  A housemaid turned the a/c off so now the room is warming up and I am getting sleepy.  Deb is napping.

1730  Out for walkabout and supper.  Deb had spaghetti Bolonese and I had a traditional meatball/rice combo.  Ran into the flight attendants from our plan.  Overcast, muggy.  Got back but I lost a room key!  A/C has been repaired.  Head for bed, 2000.

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