Sept.24.2010, Vancouver to Athens

Happy Birthday Debbie!

0500 wake up call. 0600 check out then Skytrain to Vancouver airport.  Checked in and looked for restaurant.  Almost nothing open at this time of day.  YVR not very good for early morning meals!  We ate at Kona’s which was the only one opening at 0700.  Breakfast was traditional eggs, sausage, hashbrown potatoes and toast.  0835 boarded first flight to Toronto, Air Canada.  We were placed in different rows, with Debbie directly behind me.  Thanks AC!

In Toronto airport from 1530 or so until 1900.  We thought boarding time was 1900 but that turned out to be departure time.  So, they were boarding while we were casually drinking wine and celebrating Debbie’s birthday at an airport cafe.  When we returned to the waiting room area it was empty of all people.  The attendants wouldn’t even let us go to the washroom – they threatened to give away our seats on the plane.  LOL.  Not much of a wait after we got on board.  Wouldn’t you know it, the only time we almost missed a connection on the entire trip would be in Toronto where we can speak the language!

The flight was 9 hrs. 45 min.  Good supper with some red and white wine to celebrate Deb’s b’day.  Then watched Air Bender movie.  We had just watched that on the previous flight from Vancouver, and there was no other choice – just one screen for the cabin, not individual screens.  Later we watched the Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe.    Poor sleep on the plane.  At least this time we were sitting side by side.  Muffin and yogurt for a breakfast snack.  As we were flying towards the sun, today was relatively short.

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