Sept.23.2010, Nanaimo to Vancouver

Where in the world is Nanaimo?

Left the house at 10:00.  Daughter Chrystal drove us to the 10:30 ferry Queen of Cowichan.  Hard rain last night – just drizzle and showers today with occasional patches of blue sky and sun breaking through.  Forecast high is 15C.

Richard and Kathy E. left for Istanbul last Sunday.  They are on their bus tour now – have received e-mail from Kathy daily.

Chrystal and Lindsay S. leave tomorrow morning, getting up at 0500 to catch the first ferry to Vancouver where they will fly to London.  The forecast for London when they arrive on Saturday is 13/7C and cloudy.

1300 Horseshoe Bay blueline bus to downtown Vancouver then Canada Line out to Bridgeport station, River Rock Casino.  They upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite.  Walked through the casino and had a drink.

1500 Depart skytrain downtown then out to Burnaby, joined Mom and brother Ron for supper at ABC Restaurant.

2100 Skytrain back downtown and out to River Rock Casino Hotel.  Bed at 2300.

Here’s the plan – friends Richard and Kathy E. are already in Turkey.  Chrystal and Lindsay are flying to London for a few days, then onward to Istanbul.  We fly to Athens tomorrow, stay for a few days and then fly over to Istanbul.  We arrive in Istanbul on Sept.28, Chrystal and Lindsay arrive and join us on Sept.29 and Richard and Kathy will join us at our hotel on Oct. 2.  Yes, 3 different routes and we all have to hook up at some unknown hotel in Istanbul!

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